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Opening Reception | Artist Diane Fader


Despite it being the coldest night of the year, a spunky crowd braced themselves and headed to the opening of Diane Fader’s Abstract Expressions show currently at Evie. It was a brilliant move because once through the door the party atmosphere and warmth of Fader’s paintings provided plenty of heat. This work has energy!

Diane Fader Opening

The acrylic paintings are rich in color, with paint applied generously on some surfaces and softly blended on others to create beautiful texture. Each work has a life of its own; evoking landscape in a piece with deep blue greens or the intangible features of the mind in a piece with geometric forms that hint at thought and feeling.

Diane Fader Opening

In her own words, “As a contemporary abstract artist, I approach painting in a process that is instinctive and highly fluid. There is a building on what comes before and finding the next level of design as I engage color, form and texture in a kind of dialogue that is coaxed toward resolution on the canvas. It is an exciting, unnerving evolution of forces. The element of discovery – for both how my work is seen and how it is created – is infinitely compelling to me.”

Diane Fader Opening

Diane Fader, Artist

As viewers we share in that discovery, experiencing moments of development within each piece like memories of the process that brought it to life. 

Traces of that process are sometimes visible to the eye, like the scrape of a palette knife moving squares of blue over a burnt red ground. In some, the colors and forms are so whole you can only wonder at how they may have looked in the beginning.

Diane Fader Opening

Diane Fader is also a psychologist and psychoanalyst, but it is surface – rather than depth – that fascinate and compel her artistry. Because of that, color and form can come together in her work to achieve a state of satisfying resolution.

Diane Fader Opening

Mulling around the artwork with glasses of wine in hand, each of us experienced a reprieve from the cold in what truly was an open reception; conversing together and drinking in Fader’s earthy hues that are so saturated with life.

Diane Fader Opening

Drop by Evie and enjoy the work, on view through May 4th, 2017.

Diane Fader Opening

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