Meet The Team

About Yvonne

Yvonne Bonaccorso has been in the business of beautiful hair since she was nineteen. The former owner of Salon Gaia in Harvard Square mixes her own colors, tweaking traditional formulas to create uniquely flattering shades. With an expert eye for the subtleties of light, she captures tones from the world around her – like the glint of a child’s hair in summer sun – and recreates them in her chair. When cutting Yvonne draws on her deep understanding of shape, movement, and texture to refine trending techniques. Most importantly, she listens and delivers a look that resonates the individuality of each client while accommodating their lifestyle.

“I’ve found mastering hairdressing to be the most rewarding career in the ever-evolving and artistic beauty industry. It’s a pleasure going to work each day, sharing in the lives of my customers and colleagues. I’m excited to leverage what I’ve learned to inspire and guide others in creating their best selves.”